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Need Wiper Blade Refills

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Am looking for a source to get some refills for my wiper blades. Have a 340 Sea Ray with a 16" center blade and 20" left and right blades. All blades are 1/2" wide. Colony parts & service in Algonac has none. Any suggestions?
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A lot of people I know relace the whole arm with an automotive style. Then blades are available.
Thanks, I'm beginning to see why.
Another great improvement tip! I just replaced mine for 5 bucks and have about 3 inches of more blade.
Good ideas to use automotive wipers. I did finally find an auto parts store in Fairhaven that could order the 1/2 " wide wiper refills. They were in in 2 days. All's well that ends well.
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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