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New Guy

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Looks like a great bunch guys.... hope to learn alot and maybe give a few tips
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That is what it is all about, a friendly exchange of information, tid-bits and a little good natured ribbing!

Please check back often, it will get crazy once the season starts!

Minni did ribbing season ever stop? I still posess a valid license that I payed you for.

Welcome aboard DC Angler this group is all you need to keep you smiling!
The advice is free it's what you do with it!

Deal with Mistakes making amends immediately. It's easier to
eat crow while it's still a little warm.
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I didn't know we voted to wait until the 'season' started?!?
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Welcome DC ANGLER to the best dam sight on the web !!

Need a penny , take a penny , got a penny , leave a penny
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From the Boathouse....... lol

See... I do venture around the board occasionally!!!
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