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New LSCN Photo Gallery

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The long awaited new photo gallery is here! You can now upload your own photos directly to the site!!

Pauligan and afiremen will be approving the photos once you upload them. The same rules that apply to photo uploads on the rest of the site apply in the photo gallery. Keep them family friendly!!

We still need to finish bringing the old pictures into the new gallery, but I'll do that this week. In the meantime, head over to the new gallery here and check it out!!

I'll post some more details later....
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Few more things...

You'll need to register again at the photo gallery if you want to upload pictures. You can use your same username and password as here though.

There is a category called misc. -- the LSCN photo contest picutres and photos from similar "picture based" threads will be moved into there. If anybody wants to start re-uploading those, they may. <_<

more to come.....
Looks great. Like the option of all the different catagories.
I forgot to register but got the first pic up of a members boat. Showed me as a guest and pic went up immediately. Great tool.
Awesome, PJ!

Some of the categories in misc allow all users to upload pictures, but the downfall there is that it indicates that the upload was from a Guest. Once you register, I can probably change that picture over to your name.
Great job Capt'n Mike!
QUOTE(Capt'n Rob @ Feb 2 2004, 12:08 PM)Great job Capt'n Mike!
agreed! looks good Mike ~ I need to go back over there now and check out all of it's bells and whistles
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Mike, is there a way for us to copy pics from there, or even link to the gallery?
QUOTE(HazyMemory @ Feb 4 2004, 11:47 PM)Mike, is there a way for us to copy pics from there, or even link to the gallery?
You can link to the images using the button, just as you would anywhere else;


Or you can provide links to the images like so.

Or you can use thumbnails to link to the fullsize images, like this;

Just right click on the image in the gallery, select Properties, and highlight and copy the address(URL) to the photo.

Please DO link to the photos over there, rather than re-uploading them here in the forums!
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when I right click, I get copyright LSCN, and I have no choice other than to click ok.
You're right.. I never noticed that because my browser overrides that function. I'll disable that on Saturday.
The right click disable feature has been removed!
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cool thanks
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