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New to LSCN - Hello!

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Hey everybody. This is my first post and I just wanted to say "hi". I've been a long time lurker on LSCN and I belong to a couple other boating boards ( and OSO).

Anyway, I have an 18 Donzi Classic I like to run on LSC as much as possible. I live in Redford and this is my 4th year with the boat and exploring LSC.

I usually put in at the Sheriff's launch on S. River Rd. and I hang at Gull and the Moot regularly.

I'm hoping this board will help me find some new lake spots and meet some new people out there (I aleady know all the Donzi guys

Well, I just wanted to introduce myself. I hope to be a bit more active on the board, but all these great forums don't help my performance reviews.

Hope to see you on the water.

P.S. Is there a LSCN VHF channel I should monitor / call on?
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Channel 69...for "LSCN PEEPS"

Lotta peeps launch from the same.

You'll get good info from sit back and enjoy the ride!

Explore Strawberry Island, Brwons on the island sand bar...etc. You'll get alot more
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Welcome aboard!
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It's about time you stopped lurking!! LOL

Welcome to LSCN!!!
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A lot of great people here!! Welcome and enjoy!
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...and by the way, WELCOME TO THE PARTY

I like GO FAST boats
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QUOTE(Shandog @ May 28 2004, 12:15 AM)It's about time you stopped lurking!! LOL

Welcome to LSCN!!!

yeah, we've been watching you. knew that you would sign up sooner or later

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Welcome aboard!!!
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welcome rainman-----are the people at that launch helpfull and nice at all.......years ago it would get Very busy and most of the trailer people were nasty...always fighting over ramps and who was first...yelling at people..fights ect...if you helped someone they stared at you like you were from another planet.

hope to see you on the lake.....
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You are going to meet some of the best people in the world through this group! That's a promise!
Welcome Ranman. I've seen you on OSO and We also use the Harley Ensign launch, as do a few others on here (Agressor Tom, Cardsharks, etc.). DaileyInterest is right up the river at Land's End. It's a pretty small world once you know the players.


you'll love it here!
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Welcome Aboard!!!
Welcome to LSCN....
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