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New user - Cotton Road

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Hi all. This is a great site. I am new to the Lake St. Clair fishing scene but I am very interested. I have fished alot of inland lakes (if you ever are going to some let me know and I can give you the skinny on where to fish) My fishing buddy is kind of stubborn and doesn't like to try new places but I have heard too many good things about this lake. The latest is Cotton Road. I drive around alot and happened to be by there today. I checked out the parking situation and scanned the lake. I noticed that the shanties weren't very far out. How is the ice at Cotton road. I've fished a few of the inland lakes and they are running 6-8 inches as of last weekend. Being kind of new to LSC and seeing the shanties kind of close makes me a little nervous. Can anyone tell me what the ice is like. I really appreciate the info and I really appreciate this wealth of information that you have here.
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I went out last weekend at Selfridge and the ice was about 2-4 inches. It varied depending on how far I went out. I would imagine that Cotton Road is the same, but the ice thickness seems to vary a lot on Lake St. Clair depending on where you go out. In the past I never had to go out too far to catch fish. Be careful of windy days since they can cause ice drifts. Some people were using 4 wheelers and snowmobiles, but that seems to be pushing your luck to me. Be careful at cotton Road. The police were giving tickets for illegal parkers. I was looking for a legal place to park and I couldn't find one on Saturday. Where are you going to park? Maybe you found a place that I don't now about.
Welcome to the board. There have been a few reports about the ice fishing a little more and you wiull find some. INCLUDING places to park by Cotton Rd.

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