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Nice Channel Cat

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My 7 yr. old nephew caught a 7 lb 25" Channel cat off of my dock at my place on Harsens. I am always showing him the pictures and stories on this site and he asked if we could post his catch so here it is................


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That's a nice kitty.
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I bet that made his summer..................thats a great post.
great cat... look at the look on the kids face... hes hooked
No question, he's a fisherman for life. Has caught a 5 lb. smallmouth, a 18-20" Pike and now this. All off of my dock. Not to mention his first walleye a few weeks back on my boat in the South Channel. HOOKED ON FISHING! Great Stuff.
Thats a heck of a fish.
MMMMMM....deep fried sounds good!
Yep! He's definately a fisherman!! Good job young man!
Awesome picture! Hopefully my son will be posting big fish like that on here some day.
great stuff kids fishing are cool. nice cat. great for the smoker
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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