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All weekend and yesterday we had nice walleye come in off just about all of our boats. Some random perch over 12"

Saturday last boat in at 9p.m. came in with 4 all on bright pink crawler harness in 8-10 FOW. Earlier in the day there were random walleye caught in the middle of the afternoon around 3-4p.m.

These guys caught 4 walleye and some nice perch on Fathers Day before noon in about 10 fow in between the beach area and the point of Metro on chartreuse/purple

The first group on the pontoon Saturday morning, one of the guys girlfriends caught a 19 inch tagged walleye off shore at the point of Metro on a shad rap in 3 FOW on Friday morning. They actually called it in and DNR said it was tagged in the Maumee River over by Lake Erie 30 days ago, they said it traveled over 70 miles in 30 days, pretty wild.

Catfish/sheephead are being caught like crazy off various boats of ours but nobody kept them but this group yesterday that also caught 2 nice keeper walleye and threw 1 back because he thought 15'' was legal before they called in and asked.

First boat out yesterday came back with 3, one nice almost 5lbs, did not get a pic, was not here when they came back.

A couple guys fishing from shore off the point of Metro got into some nice perch with crawfish over the weekend. They came in and bought 3 dozen or so crawfish. Another guy that came in that has been doing pretty good for perch across the lake said same thing, a lot of the jumbos he cut open had the crawdads. All jumbos these guys got from shore that were 10" and up were going wild on crawdads and hitting them like a ton of bricks they said.

Been getting other good perch reports from the "Firecracker" last couple days with minnows, real minnow like we have, NOT PINHEADS or MUD MINNOWS, we have the real deal if anyone needs nice shiners, NO PINHEADS HERE!

They walleye are still in fairly close, just thought everyone would like to know

Sorry for the long post

Hope To See Everyone Soon,

Fish On,

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Harrison Twp. MI. 48045


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