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I fish the Detroit River from shore at night (Canadian side), and have done fairly decent this summer. I've caught 11 from shore, my buddy 6, but we go out a few nights a week usually, and from 9 or 10pm sometimes 'till as late (early! lol) as 3:30am. They can be tough to find from shore, and we've never gotten more than 3 between us in one night. You do have to have some patience and put in your time on the water, in the darkness, but you should eventually be rewarded. They do come in close at night.

If there are any breakwalls, or long walkable shoreline of moderately shallow water (10 ft or less) near deep water, try "trolling" the shoreline with those size 10 adidas!
Cast out a crank of your choice (deep or shallow, find out what they like), or a jig tipped with your choice (I prefer Gulp Alive minnow grubs in white), and go for a walk, "trolling" the bait behind you. You can cover a lit of water this way, and it's good exercise. I've caught several this way, as well as casting from a few spots that have been good to me. Again, shallow water that is not too far from deep water, with some structure around (rocks, current breaks, weeds, etc.). If you see small baitfish splashing around, cast there.

Good luck!
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