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Got out (again) the last two night for some night shore fishing along the DR. Monday night was perfect outside, absolutely no wind, and with my success on Sunday night, headed out a little earlier, 9:30pm-2am. Fished the breakwalls and a few of my fav spots just east of Ambassador Bridge, and got SKUNKED! Not even a lil' rock bass. Can't remember the last time I was out and didn't at least touch a fish! My buddy managed a handful of small rock bass, and one decent smallmouth.
I threw everything I had out there, and he caught his small mess on a sinking minnow rapala (natural).
Wasn't planning on going out yesterday (the wife would like to see me eventually
), but my buddy talked me into it (with little convincing!). Got out around 11pm-3am. There was a pretty good breeze from the east, making it difficult to cast, so we trolled the breakwalls. I got another 'eye (3 in 3 days now, with my 2 from Sunday), a million rockbass, and lost a really nice sm at my feet--he fought the good fight, and deserved to win! LOL. Not too bummed about losing the smallmouth, since I don't eat them, but it still was a NIIIIIICE fish. Totally different story from the night before. My fish all came on a silver/blue wally diver.
Beginning to think I won't even bother if it's perfectly calm outside--the two worst days of fishing in the past few weeks have been on very calm nights, while if there is a decent breeze and chop, the fish def. seem more active. I know we all know the saying 'walleye chop', but man, does it ever seem true!

Anyways, it's nice to be able to either cast or troll along the breakwalls at night and average an 'eye a night. I certainly can't complain.
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