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Nine Mile BP

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The BP has two different sizes (lil' 8"& St. Clair)

Jackie has 6" jointed in stock!

As you can see the lures catch fish!
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Is it just me, or is that top muskie snagged in the back?

Who makes these baits? Just curious...
The fish wasn't snagged in the back!

The buck tails and woodie's are both product of Canada. They are the anglers choice on the other side of the lake. The lil' hound would make for a good casting bait. The St.Clair hound is design to be trolled. They don't pull to hard and have the highest quality of any buck tail I've ever seen.

Woodie's can be ordered to any custom size and has a plethora of color patterns. We've been talking about offering a line of chrome woodies. Whether your preference is straight or jointed, you will be pleased. These baits get shipped all over for targeting large muskies, as "woodieb8" from this site can build them big!
QUOTE(RJT @ Jun 28 2009, 09:25 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>The fish wasn't snagged in the back!

OK, ok, just asking. You gotta admit, the pic makes it look like it's hooked in the back. I was just asking is all.
Your allowed to land snagged fish as long as it was done accidentally and they are released. Pretty hard to snag a musky in the back on purpose.
Cool looking baits!
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Forget I said anything. I didn't mean to imply it was intentionally snagged. I was just wondering if in fact it was because that's really not a way to advertise a bait's effectivity. Fish get snagged, it's no big deal. My Dad snagged a smallie on his first trip here, Larry Dahlberg snagged a sturgeon on happens. Wasn't giving him crap, just wondering.
I once snagged a 6lb smallie on the top of its tale. Best battle I ever had with a fish, it made the longest runs, pulled very hard and you could not turn it. Stayed on the bottom forever. took nearly 10 minutes to land it was just relentless.
i saw that episode of larry. he snagged a sturgeon from a wire on his fin from a tag. thats hard to do.
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