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ningbo baitcaster

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has anyone heard of ningbo model#vo 600 baitcaster reel made by Roddy ( 6 bearings)?
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theyre a made in china reel, but what isnt lately i dont know anyone whos actually owned one but can be purchased direct from the manufacturer.ningbo is a city in china do a web search seems like they make everything in that city . ningbo lucky trading co heres a link for em
QUOTE(troller11 @ Jul 18 2009, 07:52 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>theyre a made in china reel, but what isnt lately

Sage fly rods, GLoomis, most St. Croix, higher level Shimano, high end Abu Garcia.

Chinese-made stuff can go either way. Muskie Innovations rods are made there, and they're great rods. But I tried to skimp on my second Shimano baitcast reel and instead of a Calcutta, got a Cardiff. It was $100 cheaper, but looked nearly the same on paper. First day out it crapped itself, so it went back and I got another properly made Calcutta.
Thanks guys I checked internet same info, found out they make furniture and pencils. Troller I checked your link they have reel no price listed or how rated. I try to stay away from junk. Thanks again for your help.
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Unless it's free, I'd reckon there's better reels for the money.
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