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No substitutions @ Bass Pro Shops

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I was a little disappointed in our BPS refusal to come up with a reasonable substitute for any of their advertised spring classic items that were out-of-stock when I went there today. I know for a fact that other BPS outlets come up with reel substitutes when they run out of a advertised reel specifically during the Spring Classic. Other than that it was a good outing.
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It is extremely hard to do substituotions with stock on the truck on the way to the store.... Belive me I know about product not being in stock! The weekend has been beyond expectations and looks as if the remainder might be breaking records.

I know that there are two trucks being unloaded (as I type) full of advertised items and the store will have a "fresh" look to it tomorrow!

See you there!

There were so many great deals! One customer started at the hot'n'tot area and after loading his cart 3/4 full of them decided that he might as well take the entire bin. He contacted a BPS associate and told him to keep people from taking out of the bin, he wanted them all!

Many guests walked away with purchasing as many as 10 new reels. With the way the economy has been they loaded the store to where they thought the needs would be, after the first weekend results they had a full semi truck at the store, I think 5 or 6 times. Like Mini said, they had trucks coming.

We are happy that you had an enjoyable time and hope to see at the Angler Weekend.

you might have tried asking about a raincheck. they were out of a reel that i wanted to buy but they gave me a ticket so when they get more in stock i can just go pick it up with the discount.

madman himself
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