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This young lady needs your help...

I just got off the phone with Diane Robbins, who's beautiful daughter Lynne was injured by a drunk driver in St. Clair Shores. Since the accident, Lynne has suffered through a very difficult rehabilitation. After hearing about us from a friend, she contacted us via e-mail hoping we could help their cause. Here is what she wrote...

I have a great 16 year old daughter (Lynne) who's life was tragically
changed since being hit by a drunk driver last August. She suffers with TBI
(traumatic brain injury). It's been a tough 10 months of searching for the
right help for Lynne. Through the effort of many, we've finally found it.
Our community is joining together for a Brain Injury Awareness event on Tuesday, June 17th at Jacks Waterfront on the Nautical Mile in SCS to share our research - and the work of others - with the community. Portions of the proceeds will benefit Lynne Parlove (the TBI victim), The Brain Injury
Association of America and Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

We'd sincerely appreciate your support by attending this event, or forwarding this information to your family, friends and collegues.

More information is available at, or feel free to contact me directly.

Thanks for your support now, and every day. Many of you have already helped Lynne through these past months through your work in the community - thank you!

We at LSCN would like to help this cause any way we can, so I am encouraging all of our members to come out to Jacks next Tuesday for a good old fashioned LSCN Party on the Lake! The donation will be $20 per person and it will go directly to benefit Diane's cause. Please visit the link provided above to find out the details. The party will go all day long so come on by after work and wear your LSCN stuff so they will know we mean business!

Hope to see you all there next Tuesday!
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