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okay again sat

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Ok, still what is going on tonight? Anyone, anyone.....
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Nothing planned here yet. Might just stay in and watch a movie. <_<
I have my kids until 8... then would like to go do something... anything. I wanna see "Bruce Almighty" actually. Don't know if I wanna go alone though so I think I'll wait. Where's the party tonight?
QUOTE(Snowmaker @ May 24 2003, 11:04 AM)Nothing planned here yet. Might just stay in and watch a movie.

YOU think so!

Better pull your shades...we're gonna crash your party
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well we need to figure something. Big daddy and I are looking
We're going midnight bowling...

I don't bowl, I'll just drink and look pretty!!

Kind of how I go boating...
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Not sure where we're going, have to find lanes that are doing that tonight and decide from there.

Know of any?
Nope... I haven't bowled in at least 10 years!!! lol Who's going with you?
Not sure who all is going, guy I'm dating and a few of his friends, my g/f Dina. I invited MJ, but not sure if she's coming or not.

Just got home a bit ago from a day out and about. Took my shower and ate some dinner. Going to get ready and head out to see what's going on. I'll let you know where we're going when I find out. You're more than welcome to come up...I don't bowl. Don't. I'll just be hanging out.
It's off to BW3's on MOUND @ 59 for the game!
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