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okay guys where are they?

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been out a few time and all i find is dead vegitation. anybody know where there are green weeds still present??
(im not talking about your lawn either)

also is there any bolders in ancor bay?
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Milfoil weeds tend to fall on the bottom and turn brown.

Cabbage can stay up-right and green all year.. Find that and fish should be there.

Coontail can stay upright also.

Most weeds fall and start to decopose till next year.

I think the green weeds produce oxygen and fish know that, and that's why fish are around them.

Don't know of bolders in anchor bay but checking the St. Clair Map will show where boulders are: There's a B on the key of the map.

Also green weeds tend to be near the drop off.

h2o<---------says wish i new more.
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how shallow is shallow 1 foot 3 foot??
I caught em in 3 feet last time I went out....

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