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On this day 9/29/2009 I would like to remember the fisherman of the past and their boat names that laid the ground work for the club today.

My Father would have been 70 today..

Bill Tomlin
20 Foot 1977 Sea Ray Sundancer. Boat name( Ro john)

26 Foot 1979 Sea Ray Sundancer. Boat name (Joint Venture)

32 Foot 1987 St. Tropez Boat Name (Joint Venture)

Bill Massey (Tinker)

Willis Bradley( The Prospector)

Bill Stoey (The Something Else)

Bob Ladig (The Lindale IV)

Ron Jozwiak (The Drifter)

Carl Northrup( The Drifter)

Joe Trella (Shaky Jake)

Joe Renda (My Harem The Third)

Bill Martens (Musky Baby)

Bob and Dorothy last name escapes me (The Bob and Dot)

Jon Vanasshe (The Van Ann)

Jim Bratton (The Look and Back)

Rich Larry (Amberjack)

There are too many to post here. The memories of a Saturday afternoon listening to the chatter and banter was something to be heard.. And the Weigh ins were something too attend..

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I'm sure your Dad is still out with you every time out.

Here are a few more, some from the more recent past. Who else fishes out of Vintage Wood other than the 2 mentioned below that currently still do?

Tony J (TUREEN) still tearing it up

Jim B (Poor Devil) Voted most sociable

George M (Short Hop) miss talking to him

Bob D (Musky Lure) He caught my

Bob R (Cathy's ?) call me

Frank W (???) Lyman

Mario G (Premium) 64 Chris

Jerry I (Hot Tuna) My instructor

Jim D (Moms Worry) 4 and 40

Vic's - Sr, Jr & Chris (Producer) Nicest family you could ever meet

Bob H (StarStruck) still see him driven in the hood

Mike M (Musky Man) How many rods can you run?

John M (Loke) Back in the day I'd see him every morning in the Bay

Tom R (Nibbles & Bites) We need to fish together again soon

Chuck S. Sr (Reel Fun) nice to see him and the wife out - Jr ain't a bad guy either (Premonition)

Mike Ond (???) Crackle Belly

Doug Clint. (???)

Jerry Fur. (???)

Cookie & Joann (Dorthy___) Top of the heap for all species fisher people there!

Paul N (Hydro Therapy) Man did that guy talk on the radio or what. lol

Chuck V. aka CB known him since forever

Richard Saw. (TheMan) Playing cat and mouse with that guy was always fun.

Billy Martens (Musky Baby) still my #1 choice to someday share a boat with.


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Mike Ondra - Sea Lou
Bob & Dorothy Kopolla (sp?)
Frank White - the Kimberly (wood lyman)
Doug Clinton - the Oddysey
Jerry Furton - ??? white/blue Luhrs with RDF
Richard & Joanne Koch - Dorothy E

Mike O'Hara - Bottom Line
Brad Smith - Line B Out
Tom Jeanette - Cathy Sue
Bond Schnoor - Bonzi
Breen's - Full Moon
_____ Hill- Crystal Blue (seen this boat the other day, at the air show)
Bill Miros / Ron Simpson - ???
Mike Litwin - ????
??? - Eve's Apple (always fished the North Channel)
??? - Roar Off (old lyman woodie from New Baltimore)
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