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Hit LSC, yesterday, with one of my best friends. He has a new boat, needed a secondary anchor, so my wife and I donated to his boat the 22 lb. Delta we had purchased to use on the sailboat we used to have. Plan was to
  1. Purchase chain, rode, and shackle
  2. Head out on the boat and drop anchor in a bay
  3. Rig the anchor
  4. Break out the beer and hit the water
  5. Cook up some brats, and have them along with some potato salad and beans I'd brought
  6. Hit the water some more
Purchased the needed materials at West Marine. Boy, that store is a shadow of what it was when my wife and I had our sailboat on LSC :(

Items #3 and #5 went by the wayside immediately after we dropped anchor in Goose. The flies! Holy tamole! Told that some of the other areas might not be as bad, we decided to try Strawberry. It wasn't quite as bad--perhaps because it had a bit of a breeze, but it was still pretty brutal. Being on the boat, out of the water, at either location was a non-starter.

We decided to give up on the idea of cooking and eating on the boat. "Decker's?" I asked. "Closed," he replied. (I think a victim of Covid-19, he said?) That was sad to hear. Headed over to Brown's, instead. That was good.

Brought anchor and materials back home with me. I'll rig it all and bring it over to him another time.

Just as well, I suppose. I had planned to attach the rode to the chain with an Anchor Bend (stitching and whipping the bitter end to the working end for added security), because my mad splicing skillz have deteriorated. But splicing it and using a thimble would be better, so I'll grab a piece of 3-strand I have laying around, to refresh my skills, and do it that way.
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