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One More Line Question

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I was just curious to how many of you are using braided line with a flourocarbon leader attached at the end? If you do, how do you attach it, do you use a barrel swivel? What size? Or can you tie line to line? Maybe these are dumb questions, sorry if they are, I am just trying to learn. Thanks for any responses.
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I use a barrel swivel and my partner ties direct by using a uni-knot?........I've been using power pro with a seagar leader....hope this helps you out.
One more thing I forgot to ask, how long of a leader are you guys using?
I use a double uni knot. I use PowerPro with a 3-5 foot leader typically.
I just purchased some Power Pro braid on a recommendation from a friend. It is the 8lb. diameter so what size line mono would you recommend using for the leader and would you recommend using something like Berkley Vanish to make the leaders out of or is this too stretchy?
I have 8/30 on a couple spools for my spin rods. I will be using 10lb P-line Floroclear for my leader material most of the time. Although I'm sure that will change. If I'm fishing dingy green water (aka Belleville mid to late summer for the TNTs) I probably won't use a leader at all. I would think Vanish in an 8-10 lb diameter would work just fine.
vanish is berkleys attempt at flourocarbon. since it is flourocarbon, it is low stretch. however, i used it, i think i payed $17 for a spool when it first came out. 10 lb test, and i lost 2 fish in a row ( both roughly 2 lbs ) during a tournament.

the line was peeling like a banana. it was literally split 5 times.

i contacted berkley to request a refund and the woman had the nerve to tell me that i obviously didnt know what i was doing because all of their products are tested before shipping and the problems i was having was due to my inexperience.

needless to say, i no longer purchase anything berkley or pure fishing. that was one of the biggest insults i have ever had and that is no way to handle a one time loyal customer.

their loss, i spent a lot of money on their products.

madman himself

still bitter
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Thanks for the replies fellas. Sounds like a bad experience with the Vanish perhaps I will use the BPS version instead as I have never had a problem with their products (other than their rods snapping when you slam the rod storage door on them).
Is there any advantage to using braid with a flourocarbon leader or should I just use fluorocarbon period? Thanks for the help.
Depends on your situation Eric C., when I am jigging in the Detroit River for walleye in the spring it is of immense value to have a leader so that when I get snagged up the line will break at the leader. I don't really want to be scrambling around the boat looking for a good knife to cut that 30 pound braid while line is just peeling off the reel.
Sorry I should have been more clear, I am 99% of the time a bass fisherman.
Eric, it really depends. If I'm fishing dirty water with braid only, and I'm throwing a tube with a light hook, the hook will straighten out when I get snagged. However, if I'm using a stronger hook (Gammie EWG for example), either the rod will break, your knot may give (depending on the knot), you cut the braid, or you haul in an old tree stump. So, in that case I will tend to use a leader. One other consideration is if you will be retying often. If so, put on a 5 ft. leader or so and bite away...One other thing...I only really use braid for light bites or throwing jigs or pitching. I rarely use it for anything else. I keep mono on most of my other rigs.
Hey dude,

I use Big Game most of the time. Mono is great for just about any application. The only time I will really use braid is when i'm fishing heavy grass and mats. The braid or other superline cuts through the grass like a hot knife through butter and it doesnt have any stretch, so you can bet that your hookset will be a good one. In open water applications, braid isnt really a necessity, but it has some advantages. Braids cast extremely well so youcan get some long distance in your casts. If you do use braid and want a leader, I would use P-Line Flouroclear, I have also had bad experience with Vanish. P-lineFlouroclear is awesome. I use a knot to combine my lines. I hope this helps...

God bless,

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