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Anybody ever hear of this group? They are going around lake st clair gathering discounts from businesses and selling a membership with a card and a list of discounters fot $25.00. $15 goes to charity and $10 goes to the oofyc association.

They have no physical club. They are just an association of people. I found out about it from someone trying to sell a discount card to my mother. She called me and said "I thought LSCN cards were $10. What's this $25 this person wants?
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OOFYC club was created by Donna Mclaren, she started it with her daughter a few years back. Their objective was to sell coupon books to consumers to use at lake front businesses. Laney and I met with her a few months back to discuss marketing and sales related opportunities which never panned out.

Unfortunately she got involved with a person that did a logo and brochure for her, eventually this person wanted to sell for OOFYC. This person started selling for her and never gave her any of the money. This person also opened up several bank accounts and registered a business under the OOFYC name and started depositing the checks.

This person some of us know and is a scam artist. He scammed me, my partners and a few people I know creating a pretty bad name for himself. Needless to say he was just released from Macomb County jail for fraud.
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Spill the beans Rob. who was it?
QUOTE(hammer @ May 19 2004, 10:51 AM)Spill the beans Rob. who was it?
yeah, who is it?
Initials are K. E.
If you really need to know the person's name PM me.
our own fine yacht club

i'm not a fan. she calls me the day of the blessing of the fleet saying she said tom said it's ok for her to have a table to sell the memberships at. i hadn't heard anything. THEN she calls me on monday saying tom ok'd some big fundraiser party, etc, at jack's for next tuesday and i'm like (as are tom and management) going 'what? no one ok'd anything.' and i noticed that she was passing out flyers for it. she's just too... pushy? obnoxious? i don't know.

and k.e. was there tues, too. i did not know that aspect of it. ick!
Thanks CK, "Our Own Fine Yacht Club" it's a dumb name, it sounds stupid!!
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QUOTE(rfdeiter @ May 20 2004, 08:46 AM)Thanks CK, "Our Own Fine Yacht Club" it's a dumb name, it sounds stupid!!

then I'm sure you would love to know what MNYC stands for
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I agree.
Our little gang belong to our own little club, the HBITYC - How Bad Is This Yacht Club. It came about because one fellow would always smile while standing in the lake with a drink and say to the rest of us "How bad is this?".

But our club is very strict - we have no dues, no functions, no officers, no responsibilities. Who the hell wants to complicate their goof-off time? We just hang out together.
A bunch of us liveaboards started the DDMYC
its the
Drunken Dock Monkeys Yacht Club

we even made membership cards
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QUOTE(Pacaderm @ May 20 2004, 04:39 PM)A bunch of us liveaboards
Pacaderm are you a liveaboard? Details?

Always wanted to sell the farm and make it happen.
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