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Open Seat this afternoon - Walleye trolling

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Anyone want to go out? Pick up extra crawlers and bring yourself a snack. Let me know. I will verify time asap.
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hey snowman what ya got going tommorrow im going out in the morning if you can make it let me know
Sorry Doug gotta work!

Almost 100 people have looked at this and no takers? Must be more Musky guys on here than I thought!
Nobody likes the lowly Walleye.

I'm going at 3:00pm.
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I am going out again This afternoon myself but i cant believe no one wants to go they are biting
Of course you post this on the day I'm leaving for GR
Sat around all week looking at the water. Open next week Mon-Thur
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Call me next time. unfortunately daughter has soccer practice today. Next time!!
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good luck. let us know how you do im thinkin of heading out to the light early early am
Had to go out a long way to find clean water in Anchor Bay. Decided to hit Brunner Island. Nothing but dink Yellow and White Perch trolling for 3 hours, tried everything in the box I could think of. Decided to try for Musky. Picked up a 36" about 12 FOW on a 5" gold/black Rattle Trap on a prop rod 20 feet back. Also picked up a very fat 39" Pike on my go to 6" blue/silver Yozuri in 11 FOW on a long line 100 feet back. First time I've had a Pike bite through a steel leader too! Cut it in the net! Temps around the island 68-69 degrees. West side of Anchor Bay very muddy and about 74-75 degrees. Might go again tonight if I can talk Barb into it.
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