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My friend Chet, who has a Marinette just like mine, installed a Shop-Vac in a central compartment in the middle of the galley and ran an extension cord behind the sink area, where we have three outlets. I saw it and had to copy this idea right away! No more carrying a vacuum from home every few weeks. Now the First Mate just pulls out the 18 foot long hose and attaches it, turns on the power and away she goes, from one end of the cabin to the other.

This is a special little shop-vac that seems to be just right for this use but is a little hard to find. It's called a Hang-Up, 3 hp., and comes with the long hose (regular shop vacs have about a 6 foot hose). I had to ask Chet to bring me one from Menards in Lansing.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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