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Outboard Matinence

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This is my first year owning a big outboard(150efi) and was wondering if there was anything that I shoud be doing besides the standard winterizing. I know there are tons of things you can do to an outboard, but I am just looking for something that may help prevent a problem later this summer.
Thanks, Matt
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A couple of spring tips....

- Clean and regap your plugs, you may want to wait untill you've burned the gas from the winterizing. I replace mine every year, but it depends on useage.

- Change your lower unit oil, make sure it's consistent and there is no signs of water.

- Grease all your fittings

- Remove your prop and remove any line, debris, etc and regrease.

- TIGHTEN all your transom and/or jackplate bolts. Check them before/after every outing.

- Check your power trim or steering fluid

Good luck!
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Also make sure your cranking battery is up to snuff. Have it load tested, check water levels if applicable and make sure it has a good charge.


I don't like to have to remember anything knowing my propensity to forget so I created myself a check list which looks like this. It is a always being added to.

Boat Comments

Remove miscelaneous items
Remove batteries
Charge and store batteries
Vacuum interior
Open all compartments
Load storable items
Top off fuel
Add fuel stabilizer

Clean & wax exterior
Install batteries
Install safety equipment


Drain cooling system Crank in upright position
Fogg cylinders Crank to distribute oil
Change lower unit oil
Remove prop Check for damage
Clean / lube / cover prop shaft
Clean and wipe exterior

Check oil in lower unit
Lube tilt tube bracket
Lube swivel bracket
Lube steering shaft Lube in retracted position
Lube tilt support bracket


Check tire pressure

Check tire pressure
Lube wheel bearings
Lube trailer tongue
Lube leaf springs

Hope the columns don't get too distorted and hope it helps,

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Ya, I was afraid that it would all compress and it did. I also agree with the previous comments and I too change plugs every spring ( I see I need to add it to the list ). I save last years plugs just in case one of the new ones go out on me on the water.

Thanks, it all sounds pretty simple.
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