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Peacock Bass Trip

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We've all seen Peacock Bass fishing on TV. In November I went to Brazil fishing on the Amazon. All I can say is that it's a trip you'll never forget. The largest I caught was 15-6 but in our party we had 19 over 20lbs. My Bass fishing buddy just got back a week ago and had a better trip than I did. He and his partner for the week had 13 over 15lbs.

If anyone has questions about this type of trip, feel free to contact me..
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I would love to go....but I know I cant afford it. The one that KVD went on costs like $4K....


Your right it can be expensive. However, a Fall trip including everything even tips can be done for under $3000.

The best deal tho .. if you have some flexibility in your schedual.. is to contact an outfitter and tell them that you will fill in on a trip if they have a cancellation... You can save a lot of money doing this and it doesn't effect the trip at all.
Good advice thanx....

Can I borrow $3k??? lol

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