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took God-son out for his b-day on Sunday. We got into some nice perch from 10 am to noon 300 yds NW of SC-light. Used minnows and spreaders in about 16 FOW.

The funny part...

Slabbin at it's best with a lot of action. God-son is 5 so it was his day to reel in everything his dad and I hooked until it happened... His dad had his Mickey Mouse Rod and reel with minnow and split shot when I heard zip zip thump. I turn and look and his dad had a doubled over mickey mouse rod falling apart in his hands with the drag zinging. The beast finally broke off, but what a laugh. Of course the fish hit the 5 yr olds rod and not one of mine. It would have been nice to see the kid bring in the monster of LSC.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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