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Perch charter

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One my listeners e-mailed me asking about a perch charter on this side of the state, St. Clair or Erie. He's new to town and his 85 year old dad is coming to town and wants to go. I don't know of anybody who charters perch this time of year on this side of the state. Any help ? Thanks. Bob.
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If you are looking for a perch boat, Try Miss Port Austin, its up in the thumb, you share the boat with other people and it goes out for about 4-1/2 hours twice a day. you can bring your own rods and they have the bait. it used to be $30 per person.
i dont know of any private charters, but i hope this helps
Try Ice-Breaker II charters on Lake Erie out of Michigan with Captain Ron Dubsky.
Thanks for the help guys. I'll let this guy decide who he wants to go to. Bob.
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