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drove around all day and finally anchored in about 12 feet, 5 minutes later, the perch came in, caught 2 at a time on crappie rigs 7 times, most were small but took home 45 8-12.5 inchers, went through 8 dozen crawlers...
1 small bass, and 1 small sunfish, but the action was constant from about 4 till 8, must have gotton right on a weed bed or on the edge, we left cuz we ran out of bait, and bucket space!!
hope you guys will give that area a try, we tried drifting, but they stopped biting.
good luck,

fish fry for the next couple days
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Good to hear you got in to some bigger perch. This past Tuesday we were out and sifted through so many 7 inchers it got ridiculous. What area were you in? We were in the dumps, also fishing with crappie rigs and baby crawlers. We picked up 6 walleye as well, 3 on crappie rigs and 3 on twister tails.
12 feet of water out from ginos, going to go there again later this week.
fished sat. morning in the dumping grounds for about two hours and took home about 15 perch after sifting through the smaller ones. Had to move around alot to find them. Didn't look like anyone else was doing much better
with the exception of bass boats, i didnt see hardly anyone out there, got a little rough from the wind and from the big boats going by, sure got beat up haha, feeling it today
What mile road is Gino's located at?
roughly 15, its very close to metro
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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