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oh my GOD
No sh*t serious as a mac attack

I pete am a dowser /deviner
I forgot to tell anyone
in the first week one of the guys cut two copper rods and bent the ends and said he was going off to find a buried pipe in the ground
you know me i said "bullsh*t that don't work thats just hocus pocus,,, blah blah

he said around here there are plenty of electric feilds,, here I'll teach you.
so he puts the two rods in my hands and tells me how to hold them and how to walk and he said ,,ok walk towards that coil of wire right there in front of me about 20 feet.
so i did as skeptical as you can imagine.
as i got within 5 feet of it the copper rods started to cross in my hands as if a ghost were doing it.
it happened so powerfull that it really scared me
the hair on my neck was tingling.
i did it several times until i was totally convinced that it wasn't some effect i was causing
'it was strong as hell and till it happens to you you can't believe it
but it is as true as my d*ck is long,,,, no really!!!

after that i taught every skeptical guy on my old work crew.
they thought i was nuts till the rods moved in their hands as powerful as you can ever imagine

it works on vehicles, garden hoses, wires, trees, telephone poles,,, metal objects, anything that posesses an electrical field or static electricity.

i never would believe
i do now

oooo eeee oooo ooooooo
i will come back and teach all of you
pete 'theDOWSER'??????
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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