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QUOTE(BoatChic @ Dec 22 2003, 03:05 PM)Thanks James! Fun night!

Bummed I missed the Special Guest

Saw a girl storm out the back door, throw beer in a guys face and leave though.

yeah, she got a little pissed about the stripper, i guess she also threw her engagement ring at him before she stormed out, don't exactly know the reason for being so mad, i guess if you were offended by the stripper I'm sorry, but the upstairs was available if you didn't want to watch, she said the party was totally class-less, but hey, i wasn't throwing a black tie affair, i think most people enjoyed the surprise act

btw, the guy whos fiance got all pissed was the guy who SUGGESTED the stripper to me at a party a few nights before, he's got a long hard married life ahead of him if this is how she feels about it (which is fine, i can see why people have issues with strippers and don't want to participate, but he's the exact opposite and thats gonna be hard to live down.)
1 - 20 of 40 Posts
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