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I built some of these thursday night, went out friday morning. They work excellent!!!
We got two in the boat, one 48, 36 skinny.
also had another one on but the damn line releases I
bought suck and buy the time I got the release to let go
the fish got let go too.
Probably would have caught more but my partner ran
over a line and it got in the drive. After jumping in and
getting most of the line off I finally could at least turn the
prop. Went very slow back to the launch pulled the prop
and got the line out. Then hit the lake again.
I like to thank all those big boat owners who kept coming so close to me while I was in the water!!! Its
sooooooo much fun to try to fix your drive with 4-6 foot wakes bunching you around!!!!!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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