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Please join us in welcoming our newest LSCN sponsor, Emerald City Marina Sales and Service!

Crew, make sure you make them aware that you saw their new add on the home page! The ad will replace the Super Bowl ad starting Monday. Please let them know you saw it here!!!!!!! Thanks Laney and LZA Marketing for the New Account.

It is so nice to see all the new sponsors starting to jump on board the LSCN bandwagon! Remember folks, we can't stress enough how important it is for all of our loyal members to support our sponsors. When you patronize our sponsors, you help keep the LSCN family together, and allow it to continue to grow and flourish. We need the businesses around the lake to know the value of advertising with us, so it is very important that you visit them and tell them about your LSCN family!

We are so excited about this year's boating and fishing season and hope it brings a wealth of good times and good fortune to everyone involved with our beloved Lake St. Clair Network!

Thanks so much for all your support!
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