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Chris Horton, Conservation Manager at BASS (Montgomery, AL) has kindly offered to compile data on our bass tournaments in order to add strength to our arguments with DNR that we have the information (along with our conviction) that bass angling in Michigan is great. We need your help, whether you run a weeknight circuit or a non-Federation club, we need your records. Once compiled the data will be shared with all who contributed, and will surely be used to support our arguments for a liberal catch-and-release season. Attached is a one page/two event records sheet for you to duplicate as much as necessary. Please follow the instructions, and use for the rest of this season as well. Mail to me (address listed on each sheet). Please complete one form for each event of 10 or more boats (20 anglers) since 1995 ( about the time the 14 inch size limit effect stabilized). We need the data yesterday, so please get help if you need it and make it a priority. The more data we have, the stronger the trend and our proof.

On the line " Limit per Angler/Team" put the number of fish allowed, then "per angler" or "per team" so there is no doubt. The number of Smallmouth Bass over 5 lbs and Largemouth over 6 lbs is for our info to indicate how many Potential Master Angler Fish we catch. The Largemouth over 5 lbs is a way for BASS to compare our results with others around the country. We compare well!
Comments can include any pertinent thoughts or conditions worth noting.

As tournament directors there is nothing more important that you can do at this time to promote and protect bass fishing in Michigan, so please tackle this with enthusiasm.
We should have thousands of events to process, so accuracy is important. We can't thank Mr. Horton and BASS enough for such great help.
If you don't know already, Chris, Conservation Director Noreen Clough, former Conservation Director Bruce Shupp, and a host of other scientists around the US are helping us with our fight for fair liberalization of the bass regulations. So please help, and pass this along to other tournament circuits for their contributions. If we all work together we'll have a much stronger voice.
Thank you for your generous assistance!
Ron Spitler, Conservation Director, MI BASS


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