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Please say a prayer....

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Please say a prayer for all the Children at Angus Elementary in Sterling Heights. (My son is in second grade there.

I just called home and couldn't get in touch with PyrateJim - he,my daughter and the neighbor are out walking toward the school - he said there are swat teams up and down in the neighborhood as well as fire trucks and some ambulences.

All the police will say at this time is that there is a gunman on the loose.

The kids were supposed to have field day today - due to rain it is cancelled - Thank God or they would have all been outside already.

Please Please pray for their safety!

Thanks everyone!
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prayers sent .. What kind of sick person could do something like that kill innocent kids.
We're thinking about you and your family. Keep us informed.
Makes you wonder what kind of moronic idiots are breading these jack*sses. We need to develop a genetic previewing machine or system to detect those with the wacky strain, so we can squich them with our thumb before they grow up to be monsters. Sounds easy, huh?

My prayers are with you and those families with kids at your childs school, and let us not forget the neighbors and whoever that fool is threatening....
My thoughts and prayers are with you and all the families.
Wow, I hope all is well!!! I am not one to pray, but I will definatly will say a few for the kids at Angus Elementary!
Just turned the scanner on, I'll keep ya posted....
Prayers sent for the kids and praying they catch him before anyone is injured.
Well the word around the campfire is the guy that did the shooting in Clinton Twp the other night lives in that sub and was spotted. The police are searching the area and it sounds like they are shutting down 15 mile, which seems that the search is going away from the school. Hopefully.
QUOTE(INSTIGATOR @ May 25 2004, 12:44 PM)OMG!
ditto! and prayers and hopes sent too!
holy #$#*^^*!!
Saying a lots of prayers, please keep us posted.
Prayers out to the children and their families.
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The lockdown is over, dont know if they caught the guy or not though........ UPDATED: 1:12 pm EDT May 25, 2004

Police Situation Puts School On Lockdown
Man Wanted In Connection With Shooting Reportedly In Neighborhood

A Sterling Heights elementary school is reportedly on lockdown due to a nearby police situation.

The lockdown is at the site of Warner Elementary School, which is currently housing students from Angus Elementary School, in the Warren Consolidated School District. District officials said Sterling Heights police notified them to go into lockdown mode around 11:50 a.m.

Police are at the scene in the neighborhood near 15 Mile, between Ryan and Dequindre roads. It is believed a man wanted in connection with a shooting in Clinton Township is inside a house near the school, Local 4 reported.

Students are not in danger, but the lockdown is enforced as a precaution, the station reported. Nobody is being allowed inside or outside the building.
Nothing on ANY of the news networks!
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Prayers going out to the kids.
I hope they fine the gunman soon without any problems?
scary stuff, scary world... happy to know the kids will be okay!
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