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Port Sanilac Report

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Well! my father, brother and I decided to go up to our cottage which is just north of Port Sanilac and fish thursday and friday. The weather was beautiful and the fish were biting. We were using Bomber's and large jointed rapalas. The hot colors were orange and chartreuse. We were only using planer boards but a lot of people were using down riggers and spoons which were also working. On thursday we got 7 kings and on friday we got 6 kings, 3 steelhead and a brown trout. We also caught about another dozen Lakers which of couse we had to throw back. May first is so close yet so far away. Its alright they'll be there next week! We will probably go again next week so I should ave another report for you then. Has anyone else been up there fishing?
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Aren't you supposed to be in the woods scouting?

In was supposed to go Saturday but got to
, didn't wake up in time

Season is in two weeks
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I already did my scouting and have mine picked out. I am a fisherman at heart though and I think that a day on the lake wll always win out over a day in the woods.
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