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PowerBoat Magazine

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Just got my latest issue of PowerBoat mag. And they list the top 20 boating hot spots.
I am pleased to see that they list Lake St. Clair in that list. Thanks to Joe Schaldenbrand (Sunsation power boats) for commenting in the article about how awesome this lake is.

National recognition is awesome.
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Very cool !
What # ?
Were most of them west coast lakes ?
It wasn't on a scale. It was just a group of 20. But, it is still cool.

IT's good for Sunsation (regional recognition-Maybe this area could be recognized like when Chris Craft was built here)

And good for recreation!
I just noticed in that article, it give a, "For More Information" go to

Is that awesome or what?
No S*@!

VERY VERY COOL (Self Note: lay off the Martha Stewart shows)

National Mention!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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