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Fished Prince Lake in Bald Mtn. Rec. Area on 12/31 and 1/2. Limited out on gills both days. 12/31 was a much better day. Got out around noon and could have had my limit by 1:15. Almost non-stop action. Lot of small gills with about a 2:1 ratio of throw backs to keepers. Yesterday was a bit more challenging with the cold and wind but I managed to get 25 keepers and about twice that many thow backs.

Used a tiny pink glow "Gill Pill" teardrop w/spikes. This small lure and possibly color definitely made the difference. The guys I was were fishing with were using spikes and wax worms but larger teardrops and I outfished them 2:1. I'm sure it was more the size of lure than location. We were fishing in about 8 FOW and the fish seemd to be all over the water column. We caught them from right at the bottom to 2' under the ice.

Caught a couple bonus perch that I didn't think were in that lake. One was over 10". We also caught 5-6 largemouth on 12/31 but didn't keep any. A couple of them were over 14".

I was reading the thread about keeping dinks and most of these gills would not have met some of the criteria that others have posted for keepers. The one's we kept were 5-6" but I don't mind fileting them and they sure tasted good for supper last night. I haven't caught many over that size in this lake and with all the gills in there I don't think it hurts the population to cull a few.

There was abotu 4-5" of good solid ice and with these temps we'll probably have 6-8" by next weekend. This lake seems to be a good one early season but they're alot harder to find later in the winter.
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