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Pullin wire with Top Gun

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Somewhat of the blind leading the blind considering my level of experience but we gave it a go anyhow and had a good time. Top Gun did great with no snags or tangled leaders.
We fished towards the end of the south channel and managed to hook up a couple of fish. I caught 1 eye, and a small mouth and missed another eye. That smallie was quite a different experience than what I was used to bringing in by hand. They pull just a bit harder than an eye.
Top Gun worked his butt off, but we just couldn't pop his cherry last night.
Although he had his chance at the end. We decided to call it quits and brought our weights in and Top Gun was messing with his lower lead when I heard some splashing behind the boat. Sure enough Gun had an eye on his 30 foot lead and did not realize it until it was to late!
Almost Gun we will head north next time and get ya one. The eye Gun took home came on a f-5 rap chartreuse/white and in 32FOW. Gun's eye that he let go,lol, came on an orange/gold rap f-7 in 34 FOW. Weather and Moon were perfect we just werent where the fish were last night.
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