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We went last year for the first time with 4 other boats. We stayed at Duggan's and had bike/golf cart rental right there. We'll be going again this year, several times in fact, and are hoping to stay at the same place. Bringing our own bikes this year. No rafting here as I am not comfortable with rafting with complete strangers either.

Going down last year the week before Christmas in July, it felt like we had the island to ourselves. Duggan's was nearly full, but the public docks were nearly empty. No crowds on the island.

Going down took us just a little over 7 hours from HCN. We had to stop and help one guy out changing his prop (he spun a hub) and then crossing over Lake Erie was a roller coaster ride with seas averaging 6.5'. Coming back from CP took a little over 3 hours with seas under 2' all the way and no mechanical problems. We stopped in Wyondote for refueling going both ways as well as topping off in CP.
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