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Rack Storage for Go Fast

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Hi Everyone, My first post.

Anyone Rack Store at Miller Dryland? They just announced that they are closing down and building condos.

Everybody out by May 1!

Does anyone know of other rack store marinas that go up to 38 foot other than Anchor Bay Marina.


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What about Beacon Cove?
um, that's potentially bad for me. Thanks for letting me know.
ThingsI keep in mind when chosing a marina.

1. Close to work, so I can get to the water fast after work.
2. Close to the lake (by water)
3. DEEP water
4. Close to home (for the drive home Sunday night)
5. Cost
6. How many friends are there.
no kidding hammer, i was looking at your number 2... close to the water. no really i was thinking of rack storing in novi... or maybe sterling hgts...
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You could rack way up the clinton river you arse.
Or at Sassy's and have to go through the no wake zone. Any other elementary things I have to explain for you?
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QUOTE(hammer @ Jan 12 2004, 07:48 PM)What about Beacon Cove?
I thought BC's rack storage limmit was somewhat less then 38'.
I don't know, I brought that up so jabber or bill would reply. I've never racked one of my boats.
hammer you are so easy... thats what i like about you
Sassy's will rack bigger boats, I know of a 42 Fountain that was there. There is the no-wake zone to contend with, but it's close to water... I mean like real close. So close that the lift trucks can get right to the edge of the water and put the boats in. Any closer and the marina would probably be in the water. Really, it's that close...

Something to consider...

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QUOTE(rerun @ Jan 12 2004, 08:23 PM)Give Bel-Mar a call they might rack a 38.
Belle Maer only racks up to 32 ft........

And there is usually a waiting list..........
QUOTE(hammer @ Jan 12 2004, 08:48 PM)What about Beacon Cove?
I just called Beacon Cove. The biggest is a 32' total length. The woman from the office suggested Anchor Bay Marina.
The only places I know of that rack boats that big are Sassy and Anchor Bay. Maybe Jefferson Beach? Never really looking into them, as they are too far south for me.

Belle Maer is 31' or 32' only. If you plan to store there, be sure to bring your arm and leg for payment purposes.

Beacon Cove is (nominally) 31', though I saw them racking a 34' Powerquest two years ago. The forklift looked a little unbalanced with that big boat, though.

Cool site about those rack forklifts: - check this out:

  • W520M2 is the highest capacity marina fork lift in the industry with a lift capacity of 30,000 lbs. at a 21 foot load center.
  • Stacks Sea Ray 420 Express Cruiser to the second rack :eek:
  • 30' to 44' lift heights on a 150 wheel base and 45' to 60' on a 170 wheel base
  • "Stable Lock" steer axle increases stability
  • 10'-16' negative lift
  • Powerful, quiet and clean burning engines
  • Maneuvers in 75' aisles
Pretty neat info. I wonder how much the big dog goes for.
I can't imagine seeing a 42' Sea Ray being racked - that is a *lot* of boat! The guy driving the lift has to have balls of steel!
QUOTE(Pandora @ Jan 12 2004, 09:32 PM)no kidding hammer, i was looking at your number 2... close to the water. no really i was thinking of rack storing in novi... or maybe sterling hgts...

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Check Lands End-(Mouth of Clinton River), they rack, but not sure of sizes.
welcome aboard new guy!
Good luck
Don't you love how everyone is so nice and friendly and willing to hepl you out
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Thanks for all the info, I live in Canton and there are no rack store marinas close to the water out here!

SO far, I've found two locations

Anchor Bay Marina, New Baltimore is a looooong way to drive

and Humbug Marina in Gibraltar, unfortunately not on Lake St. Clair, but closer to home and cheaper rates!.
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