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Man you better know this lake or you are in trouble.. lots and lots of hidden stumps and trees under the water...they have marked lanes for travel around the lake. But if you get outside of these you better go with the trolling motor. The water was stained and cold (by the way this is from 3/1-3/8) no higher than 47 degrees. we ended up going upriver to the oxbows and side lakes but only managed to find one largemouth (17 in, less than 1.5 lb). Caught on a blue black lizard fished slow and I mean real slow.. was told by the locals that the fish hit on black with red metal flake anything..ended up leaving for Ouachita..


much better lake in my opinion...caught numerous bass on a lead head jig with a white grub (sorta like a shad). the bass were feasting on the shad in the bays and on reefs where they could trap em... just throw the jig ...let it sink under the school and bango...bassareno. the water temp when we left was 51 degrees...last bass caught was a 24 in 4 lb....

for more details just email me...


did talk to one person who fished table rock.. the report was that the shad had a winter kill and were sparse but similar to Ouachita ...find em and you found the bass...the bass are still in prespawn but will spawn soon as the weather in Arkansas is warming up...
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