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Rod Tip Repair

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Anyone know of a place that does quality rod tip repair. I broke the rod tip on my favorite Fenwick rod while moving this week. Didn't realize until I was out on the lake. I live out in Ann Arbor, so something out this way would be preferred. Thanks!!
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I say to call the biggest bait and tackle store in your area. If they don't do that, then ask them who would.

h2o<--tryin to help

If you happen to have bought it at Cabellas which is very close to you or BPS, I would take it back and see if they will replace it. There are some rod builders on this site too I think. Otherwise go with h2o's suggestion. He is usually right on. Good luck,

Indeed, h2o is the god of fishing knoweledge. Although i dont know of any professional ways to repair the tips, I just get new tips from the store. Mix me some good epoxy, fill up the metal part of the new tip and stick the tip on. Never ad one come off on me
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Most rods i repair the tip myself, but don't advise you to do it if you don't know what your doing like anything else. Here's what i do. I use a bic lighter heat the tip shaft with a back and forth motion while appying pressure to pull the tip off. Pop off it comes. Than you should use violin glue to put it back on by melting the glue stick and applying it on the rod and as fast as you can put the new tip back on. Trim the excess glue off and your good to go. It's good to have someone help you or secure the rod without damage. You need 3 hands. Bass pro should have the glue stick. Don't use epoxy. It's easy as 1-2-3.

h2o<--says it can be done in the boat and a minute for the glue to dry and back to normal it is.
I don't claim to know what I'm doing but... this is how I'e done it in the past.

Pick up a rod tip of the correct size.

Glue it on with epoxy.

Using a thread that is a color close to the threads on the rest of the rod, I wrap it around the new tip and onto the rod. Trying to make it look like the original, or as close as I can. Tie off both ends.

Speard a thin layer of epoxy over the threaded area.

Doesn't look too bad, and I've never had one come off either.

Mill Creek in Dexter sells rod tips for around 2-3 bucks. They apprear to be all metal tips.
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How much of the tip did you break? Is it just the top guide or did you break it off some inches down. This will effect the action of your blank if you just cut it off and add a new tip. These can be fixed however. Shoot me an email at [email protected] and i may be able to help you figure out what your best course of action is.
The bad thing about epoxy is if you want to change the tip again you have to heat it to much and thus do damage to the blank. Use the correct glue and you'll always be able to change the tip. Sure epoxy is like weld, but the wrong stuff. Some place's use just glue sticks.

h2o<---says get the correct glue stick from the tackle store.

violin glue
Thanks for all of your replies! The rod is intact. It looks like the guide was smashed in a door, the metal part is split as well. The rod had a special tip that was made for superlines, which is what I want to replace it with. H2O had a reply that indicated that it's easy to get the old tip out. I'm more worried about getting the new tip back in. I'm a DIY type of person, but have never messed with rod tips before and would hate to ruin my favorite rod. I called Cabelas and they have the tip that I need, so I'm going to watch them do it, and I'll be all set for trying it in the future (they use the violin glue as well). Thanks again for your replies!!
Putting it on is the easy part. Taking it off is the hard part. Practice on a rod that won't matter. Glad you know about the violin glue. Make sure it goes on easily, before you glue it than just go for it. It's cake to put them on. Lot's of time to get it straight. But definately let them operate on your favorite rod. You'll see how easy it really is on most store bought rods.

h2o<--do it right or don't do it at all.
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