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rough weekend

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well this weekend was the muskie bash and it was a great tournament but the weather sucked and the rain doesnt bother me its the wind and the nicest day was on friday of course when i was prefishing the weather was nice and i got a 50" fish it still wouldnt have placed but a nice fish any how then went out on saturday and fished hard weather was brutal and then turned to glass and got rough again and then we had a couple double headers around 730pm-830pm and then around 900pm things went really downhill my planer board line snapped and it gets worse we thought we had all the line in from the board and but we didnt right in the prop it went my bro had to get in the water to cut it all off in 3-4' waves in the dark what a joy so now i was down a board for sunday cause by the time i got in no where would be open and the same thing in the morning nothing would be open so i switched some rod holders around and could manage to get 10 rods out down a planer board so sunday morning started off good got a couple fish right away and then the wind picked up and for us the fish shut off and then around noon we got one more with the waves coming over the bow and the fish was a little guy u know all spunky and it hasnt happened all year but with it being so rough and myself being a little tired a treble hook went right in the hand so i had to push it through besides everything we went 15/18 it was a good tourney and good job to mike oh yea up yours chuck gaidica lol
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Nice job, general location please?
canada mid lake to belle river
Thanks my man!
I was out Sunday morning in the dumps.
1 for 1, small 30" fish.
16-19 FOW
Down rod 8/12, jointed Gotcha, St Lawrence pattern.

Man that was a marathon of a tournament. Fished from 5 am to 11 pm sat and 5 am to 1 pm sunday. Man I slept good last night. I think we boated 25 fish all weekend with 50" being the biggest. fished mid lake with staright loke's being the most productive. Lapper's and zig's did good too.

we also trolled up two 5 lb smallies. pigs going after 6 " baits.
good job woody u guys did real well did u fish on your boat
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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