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Hello neighbors. My name is Mike and I'm currently starting up a BBQ Rub and Grilling Seasonings business "Rubbnsmoke™ BBQ rubs and seasonings" I currently have a line of 7 products and working on more. My current line comes from years of development.
My current line is:
  • Grubb Rubb: An all-around grilling seasoning. "Makes anything dead taste good" Great on grilled vegetables too.
  • Formula 42: Another excellent grilling seasoning. Exceptional on pork chops.
  • Ridiculizer: A bolder version of Formula 42.
  • Texas BBQ: An exceptional BBQ rub in the Texas tradition.
  • Memphis Pit: A BBQ rub for rubs and pork butt (pulled pork). Superbly delicious.
  • Kansas City Rib Rub: A rib rub in the Kansas City tradition.
  • Texas Chuckwagon: Traditional old west flavor reminiscent of what "Cookie" would use on the trail feeding the cowhands as they drove the herd.
  • Rustler's Blend: The ultimate brisket rub. Have had Texans tell me it was the best brisket they've ever had.
  • Midnight Rustler: Rustler's Blend with a twist
More under development and coming soon
Anyone interested in obtaining any of my products just respond and I'll make fresh batches of what you want.
Special introductory price: $6 per 5 oz.
In addition, I prepare BBQ to order to cater your events:
  • Brisket-Even Texans have said it's the best they've ever had
  • Ribs-Tender and smoked to perfection
  • Smoked Pork Loin-Pork Loin Heaven
  • Pulled pork-Pulled Pork Perfection
  • INCREDIBLE Smoked Chickens-Brined and smoked to perfection. Juicy and succulent
  • Turkeys-Brined, smoked and bursting with flavor
Contact me at 586-663-0219 or [email protected]
Thank You in advance for your support.
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