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Rusty Hooks

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Does anybody know a way to clean up some rusty hooks on some jig heads? The hooks are still in pretty good shape they just got wet. I just wondered so I could save a few dollars so I didn't have to buy all new ones.
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try useing sand paper or that stuff that looks like steel wool
Soak the jigs in a cup of wd-40 for a few days, the rust will just wipe off.
wd40 will work. Also use a dremel w/wire attachment for the tough ones. Make sure you check the strength of the hook after you clean them.

My past taught me that:

water= rust

rust= some pitting

pitting= hook breaking

hook breaking= lost fish

lost fish = four letter words

Buy some more Mustads! You can save on the four letter words!

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You know those little silica bags you get when you buy some new clothes. I save them and put them in my tackle boxes... I've seen a lot less hooks rusting!!
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corrosion is a terrible thing and you ever wonder why your lower unit doesnt? well for those who dont its the zinc that pull the corrosion, as for tackle boxs that your storing with the chance of moisture (put some penny in there with the hooks) Ive been doing this for years with all of my micrometers and calipers the pennys will in affect collect the moisture 1st.

see you on the water


but as for cleaning the hooks I agree with doug, get new ones you cant bet on the durability of a hook that is rusting unless just practicing, I actually have had good luck with the rust problem just by going to the mustad black nickel hook, try them I think you will agree that they stand up really good under rusting situations, you know left with hook in tube with salt after coming out of water for a week.
Exactly why the Black Nickel (BLN) finish is on the Ultra Point jig hooks I designed for Mustad.

For those of you that make your own jigheads, BPS Detroit is selling these hooks by the 100 packs (3/0-6/0).

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