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S&A Marine

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At the boat show, I met Steve with S&A Marine out of Allen Park, MI. Seems like a good guy. He sells some after market marine parts. He carries the IMCO manifolds I want to get this spring.
Has anybody done buisness with him at all. Or bought some parts?

I told him about LSCN, but it sounds like it's not his bag, baby! He doesn't even have e mail! This day in e mail!
But, just wondering?
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I grabbed one of his business cards too. I would like to get a K&N spart arrestor and some things from him.

I also want to get a driveshower for the outdrive too.
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I bought my K&N flam arr' from Tyler Crockett up in Ruby, MI. I didn't see any K&N's in S&A's booth. Did he say he carried them?

I didn't ask, but I did see some chrome type air filters under the glass and figured that he would probably carry them. I would like to get one though.
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I forgot my bag of goodies and the place we ate dinner
sorry can't help
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Bayley had a pretty good story of S&A.
Bayley are you out there?

When I am readdy to buy my exaust system, I will, check his price. But, you know it will be the best price wins. Cuz it's all the same product. It's all a matter of who wants my buisness, right?
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