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Sailors, a question.

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Tell me.......occasionally you sailors have a group of boats up in Anchor Bay, and I see some power boater blasting through the middle of your group. Most the time the opening is a good size, but does that piss you off. Believe me, I always go around the group. But, when a power boat does that, does it screw things up for you?
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YES!!! If it is a light wind night which during the summer it typically is and a power boat goes zooming by with a large wake and goes between a few boats so that it passes in front of a few and behind a few it will help the ones it passed behind because they get a little bit of a wave to surf off of. It will hurt the boats it passed in front of because the wake can almost bring those boats to a complete stop. If you have the choice go behind the boats.
Something else I should mention. Most of the time when you see boats racing in Anchor Bay they are racing PHRF or handicapped so that the boats get a time correction based on the theoretical speed of their boat and that is how the actual finish is determined. So a boat that doesn't look like it is in the lead and is 3 or 4 boats back may actually be in 1st place in the race after the time correction is accounted for.
Ryan: What size boat do you have? Is it a racer? Sounds like your really into the racing part of it?
Right now I have a Catalina 27. I don't race it and probably won't ever because it is to much of a cruiser and needs to much money to really be turned into a racer (new sails, bottom job, hardware etc..) I'll race on almost anything anyone else has. I have a strong preference towards small boat racing though. Someone please by my windsurfing stuff in the classifieds so I can buy another Laser. I raced in college at Penn State which itself isn't much of a school for it but we were in MAISA district so we got to go to a lot of the schools that have large sailing programs like the Naval Academy and King's Point. I also worked a few summers as a junior program instructor/coach in a few places, (White Bear Lake, MN and Newport, RI) so I've crewed on a lot of cool stuff. My sailing start is on a small lake in Central PA where we raced in stuff like 0-5mph with 150 degree wind shifts. I think I sailed for 5 years before even seeing a day windy enough to plane. I have a hard time sailing at that club the last few times I went back. The last 2 or 3 years I really didn't race very much but I'm making an effort to get out a lot this summer as I'm feeling some new inspiration for it.
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That sounds cool. Sounds like you have the boating passion in your blood like myself and many others on this board!?
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