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Salt For Tubes?

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Anybody know the exact kind of salt the is inpregnated into tubes? I'm trying to recover from a small disater in my garage, and need to rinse off and re-bag all my tubes
I would like to throw some of that salt in the bags once I rinse them off and re-bag em' I believe it's simply non-iodized salt????
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The salt that most soft plastic makers use is call Quick Salt. I know Morton's make it; the salt grain is finer then table salt or the N/I salt. This type of salt is used to cure meats, for ex. jerky. I have tried table and the Quick salt, and the quick salt stays on the plastic a lot better. I also buy cooking spray, garlic favor, and spray the plastics down with it, then dumped a bunch of salt into the bag. Then let stew!!! Morton's quick salt comes in 2.5 lb and 5.0 lb bags; I have found it at Meijers, Kroger's and Farmer Jacks.

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Lurecraft sells soft plastic salt but I would not waste my money. I'ts just a finer non-iodized salt.
Most tubes are salt impregnated the salt on the out side is to catch the fisherman it looks good but washes off when it's hits the water. Now Garlic I believe is the trick to have a fish to keep the tube in his mouth just a little longer.
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