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started @ metro today to windy.. about 6 guys there around 7:30 am .

took off and went to Selfridge fished for 4 hour, moved around a couple of times.

the ice is like a ice pond, slick be careful. neat cleats for sure

stayed close to shore as to stay out of the wind. wasn`t too bad down towards the barracks.

the ice is a good 6" to 8" thick at 100 yards out. did see a few quads running around also.

some a good 1/4 mile out .. after i quit at 1:00 pm did notice there were still shanty's set up

north of the access. maybe there catching fish ?

i myself seen 2 fish and that was it... Zippo !

the water is so clear, you can see the weed beds thought the ice..

be nice if you could see a school of fish..

not sure when i`ll go back there.. that might explain why hardly nobody there today.
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