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word was out !

every body fish now....

when they park on the grass because all the spots are taken by 9.00 am

that`s what am guessing by the traffic on the lake. Can you say move over i want to

fish in your hole.

I bet every snowdrift had a shanty on it today. there was no etiquette today.

50 ft was about all the real estate today you were going to get where we were.

but i have to tell you, lighting did not not strike twice. fish the same spot as

yesterday... dinks as small as you could imagine for 3 hours . not one in the bucket.

then just when you think the day could`t get worse.

this group of guys set up camp about 100 yards east of us.

I thought he was playing connect a holes with his ice gas powered/ missing muffler

auger. am not sh&^t ya.. this went on for at least 15 minutes it seem like.

time to have a 4th cup of coffee.

well to my surprise , he must of called every fish from Mitchell's bay .

bam bam bam fast and furious for the next hour. they were coming in waves of 10

at a time. the bottom of the bucket wasn`t orange anymore.

floppy flop ! Man I love that sound ...

it was short but sweet, and made for a decent ending for the day.

there was 4 of us all together in 3 shanty's , so somebodies getting to clean some fish.

so one brother law got 25 and so did the other. not to bad..

the sizes are still running on the smaller side. alot of 7" and 8 " but some aggressive

9`s and 10 " s for a change.

we were off by 1.00 pm wifes orders ! two days in row is not easy to get a away

with these days. Remember that honey due list that was growing since November 30th ?

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I went out today from the dnr ramp set up down by the canal with the green and red lights by the barracks(long walk)... had a nice school come in but then a bunch of largemouth kept cruising by and no more perch. Moved back to the launch about 300 yds out bunch of small ones but an occasional bigger one. Kept 4 over 9 inches

I had fun playing keep away with the dinks at least...
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