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Well hit st clair for the first time in a few weeks(7:15-11:20)

fished the south channel as it dumps into the lake

US waters, but canadian sid eof the channel

take for the day
6 walleye-only 2 legal other 4 (8 inches)like the ones we have been getting on erie.
4 perch(2 went 2 inches-smallest perch i ever seen)
1 rock bass
too many nuisance fish to count

AND a 46" musky
caught first thing
was letting out my 3 oz bottom bouncers on my ultra light 5 foot perch pole w/ 4 pound test(i like to use it for walleye in st clair-most are small enough to have fun with).

hit hit bottom and 2 seconds latter it bends over-i think i have a snag-and then it moves a little-i have caught musky in this spot before, so i knew right away what was on the end. after about 10-15 minutes we get it to the boat. Measure it-and then try and revive it-it took about 5-10 minutes, but he finally had seen me enough.

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Faning myself, tryin to catch breath. WTG
Good Job 4lb. test monster fish boated. I'm a lite line guy so this just makes my day. What kind of line was it?

h2o<--says simply FANTASTIC
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