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Went meandering in the Big Moot. Looking to see if I could find some perch. Ice was 8-10 in most places, but much thinner anywhere near flow. There seemed to be a long open stretch on the east side of the bay as it was filled with swans. Ice was clear and snow free so I got some nice views. Normally I would see pike as I spooked them(or dust clouds as they took off), but not today, even near the reeds. One large catfish sleeping on a sand flat was all I saw, stuck out like a sore thumb. Couple of dink perch in 8" of water under the ice on the walk in.

A few shanties in the little moot, but I was too far away to judge how they did, spearing I would guess. Did 3+ miles today(towing my shanty) and only got a sun/wind burn to show for it. These areas had been good to me late soft water, but nothing there now. Musta looked like a drunken sailor wandering around aimlessly out there.

Glad I went alone. Now I can get this area out of my mind and do some mainland prospecting.

That's all I got.....

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